Our Support Staff

Our aim always remains the same: to provide the highest quality of care for your pet for a prolonged and happy life. In order to do this we have always and continue to employ highly trained, caring, compassionate and approachable staff using facilities to achieve just this.

Joyce Thomas
Practice Manager

Joyce oversees the smooth running of the practice and is in charge of all support staff within the business. She is also responsible for drug purchasing. Joyce started working as a receptionist at the Park Veterinary Group in 1983.

Carole Martin
Human Resources Manager

Carole Martin in addition to Human Resources Manager, as well as Projects Manager. She is involved in all personnel issues, including contracts, recruitment and appraisals. She has been with the Practice since 1998.

Melissa Hopkins
Registered Vet Nurse

Melissa joined the Park Veterinary Group as a trainee nurse is now an RVN. Melissa became a Deputy Head Nurse at the Whetstone surgery in 2011 before leaving on maternity leave. She now works at out Scraptoft Lane surgery.

Stacey Rowlett
Senior Receptionist

Stacey is a senior receptionist for both Glenfield and the Emergency Service. She loves people and animals!

Angie Deacon
Nurse Manager

Anie started work at the Park Vet Group in 1993 and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1996 before becoming head nurse at Glenfield and then progressing to Nursing Manager in 2014. She has an interest in anaesthesia and cardiology, especially ECG’s. Outside of work my interests include horse riding, DIY and being a taxi for my teenage son!

Sophie Holland
Registered Vet Nurse

Sophie qualified as a veterinary nurse in April 2013. She has also trained as a clinical coach to help train and assess our student veterinary nurses. She owns a dog, a Maine Coon cat and a giant rabbit which takes up most of my spare time. Outside of work I am a qualified scuba diver.

Elaine Cox
Reception Team Leader

Elaine works at the Saffron Lane surgery and helps the smooth running of reception there.

Lucy Costelloe
Nurse Training Manager

Lucy has been here many years and still loves it as much as she did on herfirst day. Everything holds interest for her and she especially likes the challenges posed by the difficult or frightened animals, knowing that she can make a difference to how they feel. She is intrigued by, and respect, the relationship between animals and their humans.

Kiri Pragnell
Head Nurse , Whestone

Kiri started working at the Park Vet Group as a student and completed her training here. She currently works at the Whetstone surgery where she is head nurse and a clinical coach supervising students. Kiri enjoys all aspects of nursing but particularly enjoys surgery and being in theatre. Outside of work she has two cats, Aslan and Nacho, who she hand-reared from kttens, and enjoys socialising with friends and keeping fit.

Catherine Symmonds
Registered Vet Nurse

Cat was Deputy Head Nurse at the Park Veterinary Hospital in Glenfield before taking maternity leave, returning to work in our Scraptoft lane team. She enjoys theatre work and looking after critical care patients.

Lisa Chapman

Lisa works as a receptionist at the Park Veterinary Hospital and the Referral Service. She joined the Park Veterinary Group in 2005

Jolene Crowther
Registered Vet Nurse

Jolene started work at the Park Veterinary Group as a trainee and is now a RVN. Jolene was Head Nurse at our Whetstone surgery and was also a clinical coach for student nurses. Following her return from maternity leave, she now works at our Saffron Lane surgery.

Faye Martin
Deputy Head Nurse and Surgical Referral Nurse

Faye started work at the Park Vet Group in 2006. Throughout her career she has worked at each site, settling at the Glenfield hospital where she is bot Deputy Head nurse and Surgical Referral nurse, having completed her Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing. In my spare time I enjoy agility and gundog training with my dogs and going to music concerts.

Sarah Smith
Senior Receptionist

Sarah works as a senior receptionist at the Whetstone surgery and the Emergency Service.

Rosanne Moore
Registered Vet Nurse

Rosy has been at the Park Vet Group for several years and enjoys looking after the hospitalised patients and emergency work she sees whilst working at our Glenfield Hospital.

Sophie Johnson
Registered Vet Nurse

I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2014 shortly after joining the Park Vet Group. She lives at home with her partner and four feline fur babies. She fostered three of them as kittens and they won her heart to become part of her family. She is passionate about work and particularly enjoys the sense of achievement when our patients are nursed back to full health.

Shannen Bunting
Registered Vet Nurse

Shannen joined the practice in 2015 after working in a smaller practice in Nottingham. She qualified from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Veterinary Nursing in 2014. Her main interest is surgical nursing. Outside of work she enjoys horse riding and walking her 2 dogs, along with fussing her 2 cats and her gecko.

Hannah Ellerton
Student Vet Nurse

Hannah is a first year student and has a cat she hand-reared called Hades. Outside of work she enjoys fitness and travelling

Lauren Abbey
Registered Vet Nurse

She’s always been interested in animals of all kinds, so naturally a career working with them was an obvious choice for her. She has been at Park Vet Group for 5 years and is now a fully qualifed veterinary nurse, having the responsibility of becoming the advocate for the cat clinic we run at the Whetstone branch. She loves being part of the cat clinic as she’s really passionate about cats and their welfare. It’s really important to her that when any animal comes in, not just cats, that she always try’s and make it as much as possible a stress free and comfortable experience. This not only makes the animals’ visit a more relaxed affair, but also makes life easier for the vet. It’s a really fast paced and rewarding role which she loves, and the best bit is you never know what will come through the door next.

Laura Tyrell
Student Vet Nurse

Laura started working for the Park Veterinary Group in September 2014 as a Nurse Assistant, and began my Vet Nurse training in early January 2015. She enjoys all aspects of Vet Nursing, particularly when in theatre. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and looking after her 2 cats; Jasper and Worf.

Alison Jasper

Information to Follow

Bethany Abbey

Information to Follow

Lucy Watts
Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Lucy is a trainee Veterinary Nurse at our Glenfield Hospital. She is particularly interested in wildlife and exotics and she volunteers at the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital in her spare time. She loves to travel and scuba dive and have cuddles with her ferret, Bandit!

Alice Turner
Registered Veterinary Nurse

Alice is a Registered Veterinary Nurse and qualified in September 2014. She moved to the Park Vet Group in January 2015 and enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing. Outside of work she has two hand-reared cats Pippin and Tilly.

Nadine Hurst
Registered Veterinary Nurse

Nadine qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2002 and has been working at the Park Vet Group since August 2014. She has always had a passion for animals and their care, and love the fact that she can enjoy this as part of her job. She has a 9 year old British Shorthair called Charlie, and works part time at the Saffron Lane branch alongside my other job of being mum to 2 boys!

Jenny Cane
Registered Veterinary Nurse

Jenny qualified as a vet nurse in 1998 and has worked part time for the Park Vet Group for the last 10 years. Like most veterinary nurses she enjoys the hands on practical aspect of the job and the variety of small animal practice. When she’s not at work she is kept busy by her three children, a new kitten called Maggie and 6 guinea pigs!