Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that might be of help with common queries. But don’t hesitate to get in touch directly – we love to hear from you! 

Q. When would I need to pay for my pet’s consultation or treatment?

A. You’ll need to pay for your pet’s treatment or consultation at the time of your appointment or on discharge after a procedure. We’ll always help with an estimate of cost before you decide on any procedure, and be up front with you on treatment costs.  

Please be aware that an estimate is always given in good faith on the information we have at the time. Sometimes though, a pet might need additional treatment or investigation and if this is the case, we’ll always strive to keep you updated on costs, especially if your pet is staying in the clinic with us.  

The price that you pay for your pet’s procedure or treatment goes towards maintaining our high-quality service. This includes the use of specialist equipment that will help with the speedy diagnosis of your pet. Our veterinary staff are all fully qualified, and many of them have additional training in areas of interest, to further benefit our patients. We seek to continuous develop our knowledge and improve across all areas. We reinvest into the practice to be able to deliver the highest standards of care that we can.  

Q. What if I’m worried about covering the cost of treatment? 

A. We try to make all our services affordable, but if you are concerned about the cost of treatment, or feel you would struggle to pay in full, then please mention this as early as possible in your pet’s care plan. You can discuss costs at any time with your vet or with the client care team. We’ll try to match treatment or investigation options with your budget, so that you feel reassured there’ll be no surprises in your final bill.  

Q. Should I get my pet insured? 

A. We would always recommend that you consider insurance for your pet. While we want every pet to be well, inevitably some will fall ill and need our help. Pet insurance will give you peace of mind that you can meet the costs. Not all pet insurance policies operate in the same way. It’s important that you carefully select the best policy you can. Our client care team will be able to advise you on what to look for.

Q. What if need to make a claim? 

A. Please let us know the details of your policy and bring any claim forms and policy documents with you with you. Some pet insurance policies can be completed online, but this will depend on the individual company. Claim forms can take some time to be completed as they are usually very detailed, so please allow time for this.  

Q. What happens if my pet needs on-going medicine?

A. Your veterinary surgeon may recommend that your pet has ongoing medication. This is common in chronic illnesses, such as arthritis for example, or diabetes. We’ll always make the best recommendation for your pet. To be able to take the best care of your pet, those on long-term medications will need to be seen on a regular basis. The frequency of this is usually between 3 and 6 months, depending on the condition. This is so we can spot any changes that might mean your pet’s treatment or prescription needs to change. You can buy your prescription products directly from our practice. Alternatively, you can ask for a written prescription and obtain these medicines elsewhere e.g. from another veterinary surgeon or online  We do need to charge to issue a written prescription. We try to keep the costs of our medicines affordable, and many will be in line with costs that you find elsewhere.  

Q. What’s the most cost-effective way to pay for my pet’s vaccinations and regular healthcare?

A. Our Healthy Pets Club is incredibly popular and it’s not hard to see why! This is a range of pet healthcare plans that give you amazing value for your routine pet healthcare. Depending on which of our tiers you choose, our plans include vaccinations and annual check-ups, year-round flea and worm treatment, as well as other discounts, such as reduced-price neutering and in-house blood tests.  

ALL plans include ‘One Free’ veterinary consultation if your pet gets sick. Our CHOICES and PLUS plans include further discounts of up to 50% on primary level consultations, including those out of hours! Our Healthy Pet Club plans start at just £12 per month. You can read more about them here. 

Q. Do you have any special offers?

A. We do run special offers from time to time. We’ll try to let you know about these by email, so do try to keep your email address updated with us. Also keep a check on our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Q. What do you do with the information you hold on me and my animal? 

A. We will only use your information for the purposes of running our business and delivering the best care for you and your pet. We comply with current Data Protection Laws and endeavour to keep your information secure at all times. We will never intentionally pass on your information to any third parties without your consent. You can ask to see the data we hold for you at any time. Sometimes we do need to share your information, such as for processing insurance claims, or with our partnered marketing agencies so that we can text you or email you with relevant updates or offers. Clinical information that may be shared with insurers include case histories, diagnostic images or blood results, and any other pertinent information. At your request, we may also share clinical details with other veterinary practices where your pet might be receiving treatment, such as when you are on holiday.   Please let us know if you change any of your details.  

Q. How do I give you feedback?

A. We always welcome feedback. Please address any feedback either to our reception team, or you can feedback directly to our Practice Manager, Joyce Thomas at