Cats – an overview


Vital statistics

Lifespan: 15 years.
Feed costs: Medium, typically 30p per day.
Health care costs: First year £100 to £120 for microchip, vaccination, neutering, worming: £60 to £80 per year on average for annual vaccination, flea/ worm control and occasional visits to vet.
Cattery costs: £4 to £5 per day.
Insurance: full lifetime cover for £6 to £8 per month.

The Pros

  • An excellent companion.
  • Each cat however is an individual with some preferring the fireplace and others preferring the garden.
  • Your cat shares your house and tends to do its own thing!
  • Less demanding on your time.
  • Suitable for all families of all ages.
  • Can be left during the day.
  • Less expensive than a dog to maintain.

The Cons

  • Possibly harmful to wildlife.
  • Costs of healthcare, insurance, cattery and feeding.
  • Some people are allergic to cats