Rabbits – an overview


Vital statistics

Lifespan: 6 years.
Feed costs: Low.
Health care costs: Annual vaccination for myxamatosis and VHD recommended £40 – £50 per year, neutering £50 – £70.
Pet Hotel: £2 per day or neighbour looks after rabbit.
Insurance: full lifetime cover for £6 to £8 per month.

The Pros

  • A very lovable pet.
  • Lower cost to maintain than a dog or cat.
  • Can be adapted to live in the house

The Cons

  • Some rabbits resent close handling.
  • Cost and space for hutches and runs.
  • Hutches require frequent cleaning out.
  • Requires time and attention.
  • Some rabbits are aggressive and will bite and scratch.
  • Children may lose interest.