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Preventing disease and creating a healthy herd is what we do!

Health, Efficiency and Sustainability

farm meetingFarmer training and group learning is a key part of delivering change on farmsHealth delivers a happy life for the animal and the farmer. A healthy animal also delivers the highest level of efficiency and sustainability of the farm.

Our health programs are delivered using a variety of approaches involving on-site training, farmer education programs, newsletters, pre planned visits, data management and health audits. The more we know the better service we can provide.

Farmers committing to the health programs are also able to gain savings on health medicines making them even more cost effective.

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For our dairy health program clients we feedback to you your performance on a monthly basis helping you achieve your goals.

Reporting data and discussing progress is a top class way to motivate and engage the whole farm team. We have made some great progress with our farmers over the years.

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