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All you need to know about Park Vet Group and what we can do for your cattle.

  • Pneumonia


    On farm investigations of Pneumonia using a combination of assessment of livestock, housing and disease results.
  • Youngstock Management

    Youngstock Management

    The health of the herd begins with the calf. Ongoing training, advice on the best treatments and vaccines for your stock.
  • Health Programs and Red Tractor

    Health Programs and Red Tractor

    We provide a simple and cost effective system for managing Red Tractor health assessments.
  • Bull Fertility

    Bull Fertility

    Full bull examination and fertility assessments to ensure tows get in calf quickly.
  • TB and Disease Management

    TB and Disease Management

    Comprehensive testing and disease management advice including free TB Advisory service.
  • CHeCS Blood Testing

    CHeCS Blood Testing

    Screening for BVD, Lepto, IBR or Johne's complying with CHeCS standards.

  • Annual Health Audits

    A full economic review of the health of the herd complete with economic priority setting. Reports can be created for grant applications and identifying the “profit opportunities” for the farm to help you make the right decisions.
  • Youngstock Management

    The health of the herd begins with the calf. Ongoing training, advice, colostrum testing and health evaluation keeps you on track.
  • Health Programs

    All our clients are provided complimentary access to Myhealthyherd and up to date vet advice to “make their herd healthier” and keep them up to date with their farm assurance plans.
  • Mastitis Control

    Advice on mastitis control is given using up to date computer programs( Dairy Co Mastitis Plan/ Total Vet) combined with on farm investigations.
  • Disease Management

    Vaccination is only part of the story…we can help you predict and manage infectious diseases using the Myhealthyherd program.
  • Fertility Monitoring

    Creating targets for the farm for heat detection, conception, 100 day in calf rates and tracking performance using Inteherd + and Total Vet.