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Reuben Newsome

Reuben Newsome

Lead Veterinary Surgeon

Reuben graduated from Nottingham in 2017 and for the subsequent two years worked in a large farm-only practice in Dorset, before moving to Park Vets in July 2019.

He enjoys all aspects of farm vet work, from the individual animal work such as calving’s and surgery, to the herd-level work of performance monitoring and preventative health care. Reuben has a flair for improving mobility on farms, having taken time out of his degree to complete a PhD on lameness. His research focused on the role of the digital cushion in sole ulcer formation, the damage that occurs inside the hoof with chronic lameness (and hence why prevention, then detection and treatment of lameness is so important), and a bit on foot trimming technique. Watch out, you may well be shown boiled up (cow) feet at some point…!

Reuben lives on the Wolds of North Leicestershire, where he spends many an evening renovating an old cottage. He also enjoys anything outdoors, particularly cycling and getting into the mountains.