“We joined the Park Vet Group 3 years ago. They provide a totally different service to our old vet practice and have worked as a team with our nutritionist to improve the health of our dairy herd. Our culling costs have reduced and the our 100 day in calf rate has risen to over 40%. By involving all farm staff and our nutritionist during their on site visits they have ensured everyone is focused on the relevant issues to help improve herd performance. We are now spending more time on prevention rather than cure thus improving team moral. It is a pleasure working with Vets that understand such issues as cow flow, housing and air flow and how they can impact on herd heath and profit. The herd is in a much better place thanks to the work they have done”Frank Carter, Olde Farm, Willoughby, Rugby
“Dedicated, forward-thinking vets”Keith Hughes, Clares Barn Farm, Twycross
“We have worked with the Park Vet Group farm team for over 7 years now and they are very much part of the advisory team to the farm. They are a proactive, dynamic practice that are prepared to go the extra mile for us”Matthew Hague, Moulton College
“We moved to the Park Vet Group 18 months ago because of their specific interest in large animals and preventative health policies. Their enthusiasm and depth of knowledge and attention to detail has been a revelation to us.”Martin Beaumont, Shorn Hill Farm, Twycross
“An excellent service, focussing on disease prevention rather than just treatment. Their regular farmer education meetings keep us informed of new developments in the dairy world”Neville Kirkham, Rushey Fields Farm, Woodhouse