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We have arranged for a specialist vet to visit on April 25th and he will be delivering 2 farmer talks in one day! The day is sponsored by Hipra who are a company who specialise in technical and progressive vaccines

Colin Lindsay BVMS MRCVS has worked in veterinary practice in the North West for nearly 25 years, was awarded Dairy Vet of the Year in 2013 and has an enormous amount of experience with controlling diseases in fattening, dairy and rearing units. He now works as an independent consultant.


Dairy Clients: Experiences with controlling mastitis using Startvac vaccination
12-2pm Wednesday April 25th, Holmes Park Football Club

The aim is to have a round table discussion on the economics of mastitis, novel diagnostics control principles and the experiences of using Startvac vaccination to reduce mastitis incidence and cell counts in dairy herds.

Startvac has been shown to reduce the severity of coliform mastitis and significantly reduce the spread and impact of Staph Aureus mastitis

Beef and Dairy Clients: Controlling bacterial pneumonia in youngstock
6pm-8pm, Wednesday April 25th, Lutterworth Cricket club

The majority of our progressive dairy and beef farmers seek to control pneumonia through viral vaccination and eradication of BVD.

Hipra have developed a highly effective vaccine which has reduced the use of antibiotics by typically 50% in dairy and beef calves.

The vaccine targets the bacteria and toxins rather than the viral triggers.

Colin will talk about post mortem techniques, diagnosis, economics and practical experiences of use of Hipra Somni LKT vaccines

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