Vet meeting:Tightening the screw on Johne’s Disease

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As part of our campaign to support the National Johnes Management Plan( NJMP) we are hosting a meeting to discuss new research and developments with JD control.

The purpose of the meeting is to

  • Highlight the NJMP and what is required to be compliant with the program
  • Refresh your understanding of JD and how the disease spreads between and within herds
  • Bring you up to date with new research from the UK, Canada, Mexico and Japan on transmission of JD from cow to calf and new work on calf to calf transmission.

The meeting is primarily directed at dairy farmers but would be of interest to keen beef farmers wanting to learn more

Date; Tuesday September 25th

Venue: Holmes Park Football Club

Timing 730pm

Please RSVP on 01162861500 to reserve your food!