Profitable Dairy Farming Workshop

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Profitable dairy farming starts with getting the housing and husbandry right. A key stumbling block can often be balancing off the costs of disease versus the investment required to prevent the disease

We have worked with AHDB to provide an intensive day talk 11-230pm covering the following topics

  • Dry cow nutrition to prevent early lactation negative energy balance
  • An update on the cost of common diseases
  • Cow holding cost (this differs for each farm and will determine whether it’s worth going up 10 cows or 100 or staying the same)
  • How to justify capital investment eg housing for dry cows, youngstock, new feed shed etc
  •  AHDB Dairy Whatif and Planning for Profit courses and how they can help you improve your business knowledge

The course will suit both owners, herd managers and anyone wishing to gain a higher level of knowledge of nutrition and farm economics.

Facilitators: Pete Kelly and Pete Orpin

Venue: Holmes Park Football Club

Date; February 6th , 2018 

Time: 11-230pm 

Clean, airy maternity areas deliver good profits

Working Lunch provided

The course is funded by AHDB.

RSVP to the farm office for catering purposes