Bite-sized Pudding

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Pud, a 13 year old Yorkshire terrier, was enjoying the freedom of walking in the park having just recovered from cataract surgery in both eyes.  Suddenly, he was attacked and severely injured by another dog who was off its lead.  Whilst saving Pud from this attack, Pud’s owner was also bitten and had to receive hospital treatment.

Pud was rushed to our Glenfield surgery and was given intensive pain relief and shock therapy by our dedicated vets and nurses. The left side of Pud’s chest was damaged and chest X-rays showed that three of his ribs were fractured in two places; this allowed a hole to form in the chest wall. Alarmingly, the skin over the hole moved with every breath Pud took as the lung pushed through the hole. Pud was hospitalised overnight to be stabilised ready for surgery the next morning.

Pud 1

Pud recovering in Intensive Care

During the operation, our consultant surgeon Chris Morris found that the underlying lung was bruised, one of the broken ribs had punctured Pud’s diaphragm and the remainder of the broken ribs were moving in opposite directions to the rest of the chest. The hole in the chest was stitched up, creating an air-tight seal, leaving the ribs to heal by themselves.  Surprisingly, broken rib ends don’t need to be accurately lined up.

Fluid and air trapped between the lungs and the inside of Pud’s chest wall were removed via a chest drain and Pud was placed in intensive care, to be constantly monitored by our dedicated emergency team. Luckily, he recovered well and was sent home the following day. A week later he was back to normal with his wounds healing nicely and being pain free, and his owner was doing well too!

Pud 2

Pud, seven days after surgery