Feeling Anxious George?

Park Vet Group Pet

George, a 9 month Springer Spaniel presented to the Ophthalmology Team at Park Vet Group Referrals with a very odd facial expression. The referring vets could not make sense of what was wrong and George’s owner was growing more concerned.

George was diagnosed with Tetanus, which is a rare but fatal disease causing generalised muscle spasm. It is so rare in dogs that it is not covered in routine vaccinations with only a few cases being reported yearly. Luckily, George’s condition was localised and only affected his facial muscles, leaving him with a rather shocked expression! A small puncture wound on his foot is thought to be the cause of the infection with the tetanus toxin.

Thankfully George has responded well to treatment so far and although he has a long recovery ahead of him, he looks to make a full recovery.