Park Vet Group Pet

What’s the most painful thing you could do?
…Can you imagine what it feels like to be stung in the eyeball by a bee?








This is exactly what happened to Hugo the 5 month old Persian kitten when he was playing in his garden last week in the evening sunshine. Having screamed in severe pain, with the bee sting still attached to the eye, Hugo was referred late at night to Park Vet Group’s 24 hour clinic in Glenfield. Ariel Korber our experience out of hours’ emergency vet made one careful attempt to remove the sting but realised more help was needed. He called Gareth Jones our on-call ophthalmologist who discovered that there are a lot more to bee stings than meet the eye (please excuse the pun). As well as the large main sting, he could see, with the aid of a magnifying instrument, that bee stings also have 2 tiny little barbs which keep the sting very firmly attached to the tissue allowing more venom to pump in. Unless the complete sting was removed Hugo would have been in danger of corneal infection and becoming blind in that eye.

Gareth and his nurse team gave Hugo a full general anaesthetic and using an operating microscope and microsurgical instruments he was able to save Hugo’s sight. A contact lens was applied, drops administered and within a week Hugo had made a complete recovery and could see once again.

Watch out for any buzzy bees Hugo and make sure you run away next time you hear one!