Hartley’s ultrasound examination!

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This is Hartley Lewis, an 11month old Maine Coon cat. He has been having problems with
intermittent diarrhoea. As part of the investigation into this, Whetstone vet, Beverley Southern, ultrasound scanned his abdomen today, checking for any masses or thickened intestines.FullSizeRender[1]

This procedure is highly skilled, but easily performed with minimal restraint, and Hartley was very relaxed during his scan.FullSizeRender

Luckily for Hartley, no abnormalities were found. He is such a handsome chap!

Detailed abdominal and cardiac (heart) scans are now available at whetstone, as part of investigations into many different medical problems. The benefit to Hartley is we can now perform investigations without resorting to surgery and more invasive techniques.