Phoebe’s shiny new teeth

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Phoebe is a 12 year old Labrador owned by Pete Orpin, one of our Directors. Phoebe was our “star” puppy and we followed her development and created a short blog of her time as a young dog (Phoebe’s story).

In the last few months Phoebe started suffering from bad breath and some of her teeth appeared discoloured. She was booked in a for a dental procedure with Amy Jennings at Whetstone. Prior to her procedure she was given a full health check and blood test. A more detailed dental examination under anaesthetic revealed that 8 teeth needed to be removed! Phoebe went home the same day and made a great recovery. Since her operation she appears happier and stronger. What is remarkable is how difficult it was to identify that her teeth were as bad as they were until she was under the anaesthetic.


An ultrasonic scaler is used to clean the teeth. The bad breath has now disappeared and her teeth look almost brand new!


Phoebe looks a little older now and cataracts are starting to develop. Maybe her next visit will be to have her eyes checked out.