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Chris Morris, BVSc CertSAS

We have invested in high quality digital radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy including rigid (1.9mm and 2.4mm) and flexible (video and fibre) scopes.  We have also purchased a 16-slice Toshiba CT scanner to aid diagnosis and reduce the need for invasive investigations.  To complement these, we have regular access to hospital standard MRI  scanning, and these scans are reported for us by an RCVS Diagnostic Imaging Specialist to obtain the best possible analysis.

Radiographs are regularly sent to us for free interpretation and we would be happy to assess yours if required.


Gastrointestinal Tract

  • Oesophagoscopy/Gastroscopy/Duodenoscopy/Colonoscopy (£900-1000)*


  • Arthroscopy (£1350-1750)*

Respiratory Tract

  • Rhinoscopy and bronchoscopy (£900-1000)*


  • Abdominal (£600 incl FNA and sedation)*


  • Brain/Spine/Stifle/Abdomen/Ears etc (£1400-1700)*


  • Nose/Chest/elbows etc (£1200-1300)*

NB * Costs can be highly variable outside these figures according to patient need or client requests e.g. bloods/fluids/hospitalisation/medications used.