We would like to make visiting us a positive experience for you and your pet. To help you here is some information about what to expect on your first trip to us: 


Finding your way to our surgeries on foot or in the car is a piece of cake; just click on the surgery page to find our address and location map. 


We have ample parking at all our surgeries, so you don’t have to worry about finding a space. 


Our surgeries have been designed to allow easy accessibility and have ramps in place at the entrance to each.  

Can we be of assistance? 

If you need help getting your pet from the car to the surgery, please do let us know and we will be happy to help you. 

Your pet’s previous medical history 

When you book your first appointment, we may ask you to provide the details of any previous veterinary practices that you have attended. This is to ensure that we have all the information we may need about your pet, to enable our veterinary team to provide the best care possible. 

 Getting your pet ready for their visit 

  • To avoid any escapees, please ensure that you have your dog on a lead, any small furries are tucked up in a secure box and all feline friends are in a suitable carrier. 
  • Bringing a towel or blanket can be useful for covering your cat’s carrier and giving them some privacy from any other inquisitive pet visitors that are waiting. 

Have you got an anxious pet? 

We know that despite our team’s friendly faces and ready supply of treats, some pets find coming to the vets an anxious time. So, if you have a fearful feline or cowering canine and feel that they would be better waiting in the car, please let us know.  

Some feline friends find it helpful to have their carrier covered by a towel or a blanket while they wait.

Have you got an anti-social pet? 

We welcome all pets. They come in every shape, size and temperament! If you have a cranky canine or a feisty feline that doesn’t get on with other pets, please let us know. We are happy for you to stay with them in the car while you wait. This will help them to feel safe and secure, and we’ll call you in when it’s your appointment time.

If you need any other information or have a question, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.