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A prize-winning gun dog needed intricate surgery at Park Vet Group in Glenfield to remove a 3.5cm grass seed from her tear duct. 

As we head into the festive season, we want to reassure you that we will still be here for you and your pet, however, with some slightly different opening hours than normal.

Just like us, our pets feel the cold; whilst we can indulge in hot drinks and wrap up in layers and warm up by the fire, you should also consider how to keep your pets happy and warm as the temperatures start to fall.

Why do we need to keep antibiotics working?

Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria mutate and adapt to reduce the effects of antibiotics. Antibiotics can also affect ‘good bacteria’ and cause harm.

Here at ParkVeterinary Group, we are committed to providing the best quality healthcare for your pet.

Over the last year in Leicestershire, we have seen our costs increase significantly and we have absorbed the majority of these additional costs to try and support our customers during difficult times. However, with costs continuing to escalate, our prices need to increase to offset at least some of these higher costs.