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At the Park Vet Group, it is our mission to help keep your pet fit and well and up to their usual mischief!  To do this, we want to help keep your furry friend free from any nasty diseases or pesky parasites, which could stop them in their tracks.  

You care. We care. 

We also believe in taking care of your pet’s physical wellbeing, so that they can continue to enjoy their walks and prowls around the neighbourhood well into their twilight years.  Most of our pet patients love coming to see us, but we know for some, it can be stressful. We want everyone to have a positive experience when they visit us – including you! So you’ll find tips and hints throughout our website pages to help you whether you’re visiting for the first time or the hundredth! 

How can we achieve this wellness mission? 

We believe in preventative healthcare 

We set up the ‘Pet Health for Life’ to help us to meet all your pet’s healthcare needs.  We have three plans to choose from, and the monthly payments mean you spread the cost of caring for your pet across the year. Plans can include your pet’s annual vaccination and check up; flea and worm treatments, a free consultation, discounts off consultation fees, long term medication, in-house blood tests and petfood, and much more, including discounted dentistry, neutering and anaesthetics. We’d be delighted to talk to you about which plan best fits your needs. 

We believe in taking care of your pet’s mental well-being 

We know how stressful it is bringing your cat to see us. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with dogs can be a daunting and stressful time for your feline friend. At our Whetstone surgery, we have a separate cat waiting area to give your feline friend some privacy from enquiring noses. We look out for any nervous pets and can give you advice on how to visit us to minimise any stress to them. Our team is trained in gentle handling techniques: we’ll always treat every one of our visiting and in-hospital patients with lots of tender loving care.  You can read our top tips for visiting with your cat here

We believe in keeping your pet at a healthy weight 

With pet obesity at an all-time high, we want to help you keep your pet at their ideal weight, to keep them fit and well. We’ll check your pet’s weight every time they come to see us, and alert you if there is some gain. Our Pet Health for Life also includes check-ups which will include weight assessments. We’ll give advice on any action needed, and can offer you tailored weight loss programmes just for your pet.  

Our experienced qualified veterinary nurses run weight clinics (like weight watchers for pets! But they’re one-to-one), so if your pet does need to lose weight, you’ll both be in the best hands.  

And don’t forget that we are happy to weigh your pet FREE of charge anytime. 

We believe in giving you peace of mind

We have our own Referral Centre, based at our Glenfield Hospital. Here we have a team of consultants with additional expertise in ophthalmology, orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging (X-rays, ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning, endoscopy.)  

This means that should your pet need more complex treatment in these particular areas, you can access these services, under one roof at Park Vet Group. We’ll take care of all the internal-referral details for our primary Park Vet Group clients.

Our Promise To You

Here at Park Vet Group, we are guided by our common values in all that we do.

Our clients and their animals are at the centre of these values. We promise to treat all people and animals with care, compassion, integrity and respect. 

Whether you own the tiniest hamster, or the biggest farm animal, our effort of care will always be the same. We strive to make all our communications with you honest and open. We aim to listen to you, and work alongside you in taking best care of your animal at all times.