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At Park Vet Group in Leicester we are committed to supporting veterinary students through EMS placements. We have opportunities for students to grow and develop outside of the university environment by spending time alongside our Primary Care Clinicians, working on genuine clinical cases.

We offer placements throughout the year for a minimum of 2 weeks. These placements are based at Whetstone with either the small animal or farm team.

Accommodation is not provided.

The small animal placement will consist of:

  • Four 9.5hour working days with one day off in the week
  • Shadowing one vet for the entire working day
  • Becoming involved in all clinical aspects (patient dependent) including but not limited to
    • Surgery (One routine surgical procedure minimum)
    • Consults (COVID restrictions dependent)
    • IV placement
    • Phlebotomy

For the farm animal placement in Leicestershire you will shadow farm vets on routine and emergency work. You will need to get to the practice on your first morning and from there you can join vets to calls. If you have your own car, it may be appropriate to join vets on farm. You will have opportunities to practice clinical skills as they come up as well as observe other aspects of farm veterinary work. These might include blood sampling, castrating, dehorning, pregnancy diagnosis, clinical examination, laboratory submissions and administering oral fluids to cows. We are unable to guarantee any particular activities but will do our best to include you in our daily work.

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee any clinical activity involvement but endeavour to teach as much as possible.  On occasion patient safety may require less teaching and more shadowing but we do our best to minimise these times.

To apply for an EMS placement please download and complete the EMS application form. Please return this to the relevant email address as detailed on the form.

If we are able to offer a placement during one of your chosen dates additional documents will be required to enable us to enhance and tailor your EMS experience and help track progress. These documents will be sent across to you via email.

Due to the uncertain times, placements are subject to be reschedule/ cancelled based upon government guidance and Health and Safety.