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Physiotherapy is an excellent means of helping your pet recover from various forms of surgery, trauma and/or chronic illnesses.

At the Park Veterinary Group, Dr Shahad Mohammed from WitsEnd, offers a regular physiotherapy service at our Glenfield branch on Dominion Road most Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Shahad comes from a science background holding qualifications in physiology, a Doctorate in Pharmacology and extensive experience in the area of inflammation. In his career Shahad has worked as a medical scientist in a number of hospitals and within the pharmaceutical industry, giving him a extensive view of health, disease and the processes involved in the recovery from illnesses.

Since 2002 Shahad has run the hydrotherapy pool at WitsEnd and in 2004, gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy with the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapist (NAVP). From 2008 Shahad has been an executive member of the NAVP and has been instrumental in the setting up of a number of Veterinary Physiotherapy Courses in the UK as well as being involved in the teaching of Veterinary Physiotherapy students.

Physiotherapy consultations at the Park Physiotherapy Clinic involve:

  • Taking a detailed history
  • An assessment of how your pet walks
  • An assessment of your pet’s muscles and joints
  • An explanation of what could be going on
  • A rehabilitation plan including demonstrations of techniques to be a carried out at home (e.g. massage, stretching, rehabilitation exercises).

Please contact the surgery if you are interested in this service on 0116 231 1635.