Park Veterinary Referrals provides expertise in ophthalmology, orthopaedics, and soft tissue surgery.

We are based at our RCVS accredited Veterinary Hospital in Glenfield.

*Member of the RSA Referral Network

What is a Referral?

  • Faced with an ever-increasing fund of veterinary knowledge, it has become virtually impossible for any individual vet to remain up-to-date and expert in all areas. In order to anticipate and meet the needs of patients and clients, the UK veterinary profession has evolved a system of ‘veterinary referral’.
  • By referring your pet to a colleague who has a particular interest, experience and expertise, your vet is making every effort to benefit from the best of diagnosis and/or treatment that the profession has to offer.

What will it cost?

  • Referral services do tend to be more costly than other veterinary work. This is largely because the cases treated are usually more complex and time consuming, often requiring the use of expensive equipment. Additionally, the extra time and cost of acquiring specialised clinical training and qualifications is reflected in the fees charged by referral centres.
  • All veterinary surgeons, including referral clinicians, are happy to discuss costs and provide an estimate of the fees involved before any treatment is commenced.

What happens afterwards?

  • Afterwards your pet will be returned to the care of your own veterinary surgeon. The referral centre will report back to your own vet with details of your pet’s treatment and any necessary information relating to ongoing care.
  • Your own vet has referred you to us and you remain a client of your own practice. The relationship that we have with your practice is such that The Park Veterinary Group will not register you as a first-opinion client.

Hospitalisation of referred patients

It may be necessary for your pet to be hospitalised overnight before or after surgery.

Hospitalisation of referred patientsAfter the day clinic has closed at 7pm and until the day team arrive the following morning, your pet will be under the care of the Park Veterinary Hospital Emergency Service. This service comprises of a team of veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse who remain in the building throughout the time the day clinic is closed. They monitor your pet and give any necessary treatment, around the clock, to hospitalised patients whilst providing out-of-hours emergency care.

The surgeon in charge of your pet will liaise with the emergency team to provide your pet with whatever medication or nursing is required throughout the night. The emergency team is very experienced in post-operative care and your surgeon remains contactable should the vet need to discuss your pet’s treatment.

If you would like to know how your pet is overnight, the emergency team will be happy to telephone you near an arranged time to update you.

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