Where do you want to be in five years' time? What is your plan to get there?

Developing and training the Park Vet Group team is central to what we do. We strongly believe that the success of our business is derived from motivated, enthusiastic people delivering great results and client satisfaction to our clients.

We actively encourage you to develop a career path that you share with us so that you can help develop skills which will help our clients and the animals they care for.

External CPD is funded and supported and a number of our members of staff have progressed through certificates and/or published papers nationally and internationally.

A new approach we are also adopting is provision of “one to one” support for all members of the team helping you to build both your clinical competence and confidence. We have run appraisals for some years now but this development will allow us to provide a better support program with checks and balances along the way.

So what does working at the Park Vet Group mean? An opportunity to develop your career within in a supportive, progressive practice.

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What do our colleagues think about working at the PVG?

As a vet student I always wanted to work for the Park Veterinary Group and when I finally got the opportunity in June 2009 I was not disappointed. I arrived at the Park Veterinary Group with just 6 months of small animal experience behind me so although not a new graduate it was important to me that I still had a reasonable amount of support. Support was available from day one and has continued throughout my time at the Park Veterinary Group, I just need it less now than I used to.

As a mixed practitioner, some aspects of farm work compared to small animal work can be isolating but I know no matter what time of day or night I can pick up the phone and get a second opinion or borrow a spare pair of hands for a difficult calving. As a new vet at the practice I did not join the out of hours rota for the first 3 months this not only allowed me time to become familiar with the day to day job but allowed me to build a relationship with our farmers before they needed me in an emergency.

A lot of time and effort is invested in new vets getting to grip with the basics and the routine procedures and throughout my time at the Park Veterinary Group the practice has provided both in house training (with internal and external speakers) and a substantial amount of money towards external CPD. As well as this, all the vets get together at least once a month to share cases and disseminate information from CPD to ensure that everyone is kept up to date. The directors and managers are also keen for you to develop skills in areas that you find interesting. For this reason, we are very fortunate within the practice to have many vets with different interests including ophthalmology, soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging. My particular interest lies more in preventative health care and has led to me becoming the Infectious Disease and Youngstock Champion for the farm practice.

Charlie Wright


Having been at the Park Vet Group now for 9 years I can safely say it is a fantastic place to work! I started at the Saffron Lane surgery as a relatively newly qualified graduate, and the support and mentoring that I received there enabled me to develop my skills into those of a capable small animal general practitioner. I became experienced in consulting and general operating, and was able to pursue my specific interest in the various small furry species that crossed the threshold. Forging bonds with clients and their pets is something which all vets enjoy, and there are many relationships which I cherish from my time there.

Whilst at Saffron Lane I realised that I wanted to remain at the Park Vet Group throughout my career and so, following 5 years as an Assistant, I progressed up the management ladder and became an Associate, moving to the Glenfield hospital which is where I have been based since. I have been able to expand not only my clinical skills, such as endoscopy and ultrasonography, in a different setting, but also been given the opportunity to develop my management capability which is a role I enjoy. My career has progressed in a way that suits both me and the practice, and I look forward to what the future holds here.

Helen Draper


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