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Park Vets improving farmsthroughbetterhealth

The Park Vet Group is a dedicated farm practice with over 6 vets servicing farms within 50 miles of Whetstone.

Our Aims

Our aims are simple…to create healthy livestock allowing you improve your farm margins through cost effective health management of your livestock

  • Motivated TeamMotivated TeamCreating a team of highly motivated vets who can work out health solutions
  • KnowledgeKnowledgeContinuing education and sharing our knowledge with you
  • EmergencyEmergencyPrompt and effective emergency service using our large team of vets
  • AnalysisAnalysisAnalysing performance with the current information management programs

Farm Services

Working with Farmers to improve Livestock health. The Park Vet Group is a dedicated farm practice with more than six vets servicing farms within 50 miles of Whetstone, Leicestershire. All our vets are involved with most of our clients providing strength and depth to our service.

5 Reasons to choose the Park Vets

  1. Monitoring
    Our dairy farms are monitored by our vets every month
  2. Great Team
    By working as a team we provide you with the best possible service
  3. Great Service
    Our farm team is passionate about improving your livestock’s health
  4. Pharmacy
    The pharmacy is very well stocked to give you the best protection
  5. Rapid response
    The large team of farm vets are supported by highly competent staff

Our Key to Knowledge

Our repository of Articles is aimed to help you keep up-to-date with the latest issues.



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