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In these pages, you’ll find some useful information about some of the most common surgical conditions that we see. This information is not exhaustive; surgical treatments will change over time, as veterinary medicine evolves.

We urge you to always talk to our highly-trained veterinary team for the best and most up-to-date advice for your pet.

What are cataracts?

If you think of the eye as a window – the lens is a bit like the pane of glass you look through, as it allows light into the eye and enables us to see clearly. Our pet’s eyes are the same.  If the lens is damaged or becomes cloudy, then it can affect our pet’s ability to see.

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Airway disease can be a serious and life–threatening problem in pets, causing difficulties with breathing.

Certain breeds are predisposed; namely the brachycephalic breeds (which literally means ‘short-headed’).

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Cruciate ligament injury is the most common cause of hind limb problems in dogs and unfortunately, around 50% of dogs develop this condition in both hind legs.

There are two ligaments (cruciate ligaments) within the knee that help to stabilise the joint whilst walking.  One of these ligaments is prone to tearing, either through injury or slow degeneration (weakening and inflammation).

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