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On the pages in this section you can find more information on general pet advice.

These include pet-keeping tips, lifestage information, as well as information about keeping rabbits and small furries.

Small furries make joyful pets. These include many of our favourites: guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, rats and mice.

While many are kept as children’s pets, it’s important to ensure that their welfare needs are met. This includes appropriate, food, housing, bedding and stimulation.

If you have or are thinking about opening your home to a pet rabbit, here is some information you might find helpful.

Pet rabbits typically live for between 8 to 12 years if they are well cared for and healthy. They are a very lovable pet that can be adapted to live indoors.

Watching pets grow from bouncing kittens or puppies to the wise elders of the family is extremely rewarding.

Knowing how to care for animals at each stage of their life can help keep them in tip-top condition right through to the golden years!

No-one wants to think about the time when we might lose our dear pet.

But sadly, death is a part of our pet ownership journey, in the same way that we get to know them as puppies, kittens or young animals. Someday we have to say goodbye.