If you have or are thinking about opening your home to a pet rabbit, here is some information you might find helpful.

Pet rabbits typically live for between 8 to 12 years if they are well cared for and healthy. They are a very lovable pet that can be adapted to live indoors.

They usually cost less to care for than dogs and cats, so it is not surprising that rabbits are becoming more popular as a family pet. However, their welfare needs are often misunderstood, resulting in an unhappy and unhealthy rabbit.

Rabbits are social animals and should live in pairs. The Rabbit Welfare Association recommends that they have a minimum area of 10ft x 6ft x 3ft high (3mx2mx1m) for a pair of average sized rabbits, regardless of whether they live indoors or outdoors. A hutch is not enough. See https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-housing/ for some more information on housing.

As well as their living requirements, they also need a suitable diet which should be made up of mostly grass or hay. Many people are not aware of the serious implications to a rabbits’ health from incorrect diet, so please talk to one or our veterinary nurses about feeding your rabbit.

Rabbits require yearly vaccinations to protect against myxomatosis and rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease (RVHD). We also recommend neutering. Neutering both male and female rabbits can help their behaviour as well as protecting them against other potential serious conditions later in life.

If you are thinking of welcoming a rabbit to your home, please contact us for advice so we can help make sure you and your rabbits have a long, happy and healthy relationship.