Referrals (information for Vets)

The Park Referrals provides expertise in ophthalmology, orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging (ultrasonography, radiography, MRI, CT and endoscopy).

We are based at our RCVS accredited Veterinary Hospital in Glenfield, Leicester.


Why choose The Park Referrals?

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    We offer a personal service, keeping you involved with the progress of the investigation/treatment with regular updates by phone and letters/emails

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    Experienced and highly qualified clinicians allowing you to relax and trust that your pets are in good hands.

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    We are easily accessible, only 5 minutes from junction 21 of the M1. We are based in a fully accredited Veterinary Hospital which ensures that we maintain the highest standards

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    We run our own out-of-hours emergency service with an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Emergency and Critical Care, so that our cases are cared for 24 hours a day, ensuring continued dedicated care and avoiding the need for transporting potentially critically ill patients

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    Our wide range of experience and team approach allows us to deal with more complex and challenging cases.

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    We are very flexible with aftercare, and can either cater for client care here or liaise with the referring vet to manage the case at their own practice.

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    We want to make your life easier, so we are happy to hospitalise patients over weekends for procedures that are to be performed on Monday

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    Member of the RSA Preferred Referral Network

Mark R Cropped

Gareth Jones

BVSc CertVOphthal

Mark Russon

BVMS (Hons) PgCert(SAOphthal)

Jess Crowe

BVM BVS PgCert(SAOphthal)

Gareth is a Special Lecturer in Ophthalmology at Nottingham Vet School as well as being an RCVS Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in Ophthalmology. He has been taking referrals for over 20 years and leads the department.

Mark is also an RCVS Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in Ophthalmology and augments the Ophthalmology team together with Jess to ensure a comprehensive and team led approach.

Common surgical procedures include:


  • Entropion (costs approximately: simple (£900-£1000); complex (£1350-£1500)
  • Facelifts (cost approx £1300-1500)
  • Distichiasis – cryosurgery (£800-900)
  • Eyelid mass excision (£650-900)
  • Ectopic cilium (£750-900)

Tear Film

  • Cherry eye – pocket technique (cost approx £850)*


  • Superficial keratectomy for non-healing ulcers (costs approx £900-1000)*
  • Deep corneal ulcers – pedicle or corneal lamellar graft (£1400-1500)
  • Corneal foreign body removal (£700-1000)
  • Corneal sequestrum in cats (costs approx £1000- 1500)*


  • Cataract Surgery – Phacoemulsification (approx £2500 for a single eye, £3500 for both)


  • Alternatives to enucleation: eg orbital/intrascleral protheses or intracameral gentacin

NB * Costs can be highly variable outside these figures according to patient need or client requests eg bloods/fluids/hospitalisation/medications used

Tertiary Referrals

  • Eye Panel work – screening for inherited disease for breeders – we are not a membera of the ‘Eye Panel’: clients are referred to Willows Veterinary Specialists

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