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The Park Pet Health for Life is designed to give your dog and cat the best preventative health care available. Monthly payments spread the cost, allowing you to budget for your pet’s needs throughout the year. Each of the three options includes your pet’s routine annual vaccination, ‘One Free’ veterinary consultation per year and many other savings on essential services and products.

Our Pet Health for Life membership is ideal for keeping your pet in tip-top shape and for cost-savings.

HPC offer 2020We offer three different memberships, depending on your needs:

  • Favourites – Suitable for all dogs and cats. Favourites is perfect for the puppy and kitten.
  • Choices – Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages, with added benefits for the older dog or cat that may need long term medication.
  • Plus – The ‘Gold Standard’ suitable for dogs and cats of all ages. ‘Plus’ includes all of the benefits of Favourites and Choices rolled into one.

If your pet is already a Pet Health for Life member and you wish to upgrade, please ask at reception for details of how to make the change.

The Park Pet Health for Life plans allow you to spread the cost of your pet’s routine vaccination*, year round flea and worm control and receive savings on other services from £15.00 per month.

Additional benefits:

  • 50% discount on Kennel cough vaccine for dogs 
  • 20% discount on Hill’s pet and prescription diets
  • 10% off surgical neutering
  • 10% off dental surgery
  • 10% off general anaesthetic fees
  • A ‘One Free’** veterinary consultation every year

* Vaccinations for Rabies, Kennel Cough and Chlamydia are not included
** ’One Free’ consultation cannot be used for Referral or Out Of Hours consultations

Joining Instructions:

There are two ways to join Pet Health for Life. Speak to us in practice to complete an application, or sign up online through the link below.

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At a glance:


£15.00 (price per month)

  • for dogs & cats of any age –
  • includes routine vaccination –
  • year round flea/worm treatment – we will send you a text reminder when your treatment is due to be collected –
  • savings on dentistry –
  • savings on neutering –
  • savings on microchipping –
  • savings on anaesthetics –


£15.00 (price per month)

  • for dogs & cats of any age –
  • includes routine vaccination –
  • savings on long-term/repeat meds –
  • savings on emergency consultations –
  • savings on in-house blood tests –


£18.00 (price per month)

  • for dogs & cats of any age
  • the very best savings
  • all the benefits of BOTH Favourites & Choices

Please contact us or speak to your reception team if you would like any further information on the Pet Health for Life and its benefits.