RVN DipAVN Lead Nurse of Referral Services

Faye started working at The Park Vet Group in 2009 qualifying in 2012. Faye went on to gain her Advanced Nursing Diploma in Anaesthesia, Radiology and Surgery in 2014 progressing her to the Orthopaedic Referral Nurse. Recently this has expanded to become Lead Referral nurse to include Ophthalmology for which she leads a team of referral nurse.

Aftercare of patients has been a big interest of Faye’s and she has begun studying for her Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy. Whilst a student physiotherapist, Faye hopes to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation of patients undergoing orthopaedic surgeries and looks forward to helping animals with a wider range of rehabilitation needs once qualified.

Faye’s dog Dolly is happy to help with physiotherapy training and tags along to practical days for a nice massage!

                          Faye Kilby dog Dolly 2             Faye Kilby dog Dolly